“Musicacqua” concert: musical variations on climate

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“Musicacqua” concert: musical variations on climate

Music, water, a bench, a man and… God. These will be the protagonists of the “Musicacqua” concert: “musical variations on climate”, presented by the “Canepa” Music Conservatory and the Desertification Research Centre (University of Sassari) on the 14th of October.

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Participants of the final learning event of CADWAGO in Sassari are invited to this concert that will be performed by fifty musicians of the Youth Orchestra of Sardinia.

Poverty, loss of purchasing power, migratory waves, floods, drought, wars. Words full of pain that we often read associated with another one: desertification. This dramatic event includes a number of complex situations caused by both human activities and climate change. Everyone is asked to become aware of these issues for both the present and the future of the planet. Similar to when a talented orchestral element does not follow up the other members of the orchestra and thus ends up producing a cacophonous melody, the research outputs that are not shared outside the academic world might reveal to be useless in harmonizing all the efforts sustained to fight this phenomenon. Musicaqua proposes the use of an orchestra as a protagonist and metaphor for this campaign of sensibilization of these important and contemporary issues. A great way to start the final learning event of CADWAGO about water governance transformation in the context of climate change in Europe.



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