“Because water doesn’t know if it’s goodness or calamity”

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“Because water doesn’t know if it’s goodness or calamity”

Inspired by the context of CADWAGO, Sante Maurizi developed and composed two artistic events around water governance and climate change. The final learning event of CADWAGO had a musical start at the Teatro Civico di Sassari: “Musicacqua” concert: musical variations on climate. It was organised by Conservatorio di musica Canepa and the CADWAGO partner Nucleo di ricerca sulla desertificazione dell’Università di Sassari (NRD). It combined instrumental and sung music, performed by the Sardinian Youth Orchestra and the Canepa youth choir, and spoken theatre.

You can listen to the entire concert here with English subtitles for the Italian spoken words:

Participants of the governance learning event were very impressed with the talent on show and the composition of music and words. The text of the performance was translated afterwards from Italian to English. You can read it here: Italian and English text MUSICACQUA by Sante Maurizi. One of the sentences the choir sang was “Perché l’acqua non lo sa se è bontà o calamità” or “Because water doesn’t know if it’s goodness or calamity”.

DSC02501_smallThe other event was a live debate staged in the Municipal hall of the Arborea district in Sardinia. Inspired by the traditional peaceful conflict resolution method of  “La Rasgioni” – The Water Court, Sante Maurizi organised together with NRD an evening debate between the institutions and the farmers and fishermen in the area. The judge Simone Sassu chaired the debate and read out the final statement that the ‘jury’ made up by CADWAGO participants wrote in response to the debate.

To get a sense of what happened you can listen to a few statements of witnesses of both sides in this video:

DSC02566_smallParticipants of the learning event very much appreciated and enjoyed the artistic response to water governance and climate change. In the evaluation afterwards people said they were inspired by the concert and the water court and both brought a different dimension to the conversations during the learning event. CADWAGO team and participants wishes to thank everyone who made the performance in Sassari possible, as well as the people in Arborea, who welcomed us with their experiences, stories, and delicious food.

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